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Welcome to DHM's Frequently Asked Questions page. We have gathered a list of FAQs that should answer most of your questions. If you don't find your answer here, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to help!

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are some tips for clean up/set up to ensure the house is photography ready?

    Preparing your home for real estate photography is an important step in the selling process. This ensures that the home will be at its absolute best, which improves the overall feel of the photograpahy. We advise putting away all nonessential items. Please refer to our Home Preparation Guide on our website for more information!

    What is typical turnaround time for photography and other marketing assets?

    The typical turnaround time you can expect to recieve your photographs, floor plans and Matterports is next day. Video is typically 3-5 business days though this depends on complexity of request and may increase based on demand so please contact our team if there is anything urgent before ordering!

    What is the DHM Cancelation policy?

    - Cancelations and reschedules are no charge provided they are done 24 hours in advance of the scheduled shoot date/time. - Reschedules within the 24-hour window there will be a $50 fee that will be charged directly to the agent. - Cancelations within the 24-hour window, there will be a $75 fee that will be charged directly to the agent. - If DHM arrives and can not get into the property or the shoot is canceled at that time by the agent or seller, a fee of 50% of the shoot amount will be charged to the agent. - Bad weather is unpredictable. There are no rescheduling fees due to inclement weather. We can still photograph the interior of the home at that time and can reschedule the exteriors to another date.

    What is the duration of an appointment with DHM?

    The average appointment with DHM is an hour and a half for photography and floor plans, but this depends on the size of the listing and if the listing is photo-ready. Listings under 4,000 square feet fit under this time frame. If a Matterport or video is added to this, we typically allow two hours to complete. Listings over 4,000 square feet are usually alotted two hours.

    How many DHM crew members will be on site during my appointment?

    If your appointment consists of photography and a floor plan only, you can expect just one DHM crew member at your appointment. If a Matterport or Video is also included, there will be an additional crew member (and sometimes third crew member) at the listing. This will vary on the size of the listing. We pride ourselves with efficiency and understand the value of your time.

    Who do I contact for booking with DHM?

    You have many options for booking. If you are part of Listing Concerige, you can request our services right through the Listing Concerige portal. Other inquiries can be sent directly to or through the Contact Form on our website.

    How far is DHM booking out, vice versa, how far in advance should I let DHM know if I'd like to book an appointment?

    We always do our very best to schedule appointments when requested, although certain times of the year book up quicker than others. A week in advance is usually recommended but we are sometimes able to fit in appointments within the same week as requested and even next day if there is a reschedule or cancelation. We pride ourselves in being as flexible as possible.

    Advanced/edit photo editing? Do we have the ability to green/fix the grass, remove eye sores, empty rooms, etc.

    Making your property listing stand out is what we do best. We offer advanced photo editing services that help to get rid of furniture and unwanted electrical cords to highlight the room without distractions. We also can make grass green and the sky blue to brighen up the images for viewers! Virtual staging is also available to enhance an empty house or replace outdated furniture.

    What if it rains? Does DHM have a rain date procedure?

    If it is raining the day of your photo or video shoot, we still have the option to shoot the interior of the listing. Depending on the intensity of the rain we can shoot exterior photos and alter them to blue up the sky and green the grass. If it is raining too hard and for video, we will reschedule to a nicer day. We do our best to fit you in the following day to increase turnaround time.