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Drone Roof Inspections

Get Rid of Safety Risks

Prevent the time expended on building a safety document and sending specialized personnel typically for inspection. We are equipped with a drone that will inspect areas that are difficult to access and assist in cutting back any insurance and expenses. Why choose expensive, time consuming options filled with risk when a drone is available for you to complete the tasks in a few hours with no risks?

We provide the high-quality and innovative maintenance services for any building or facilities. 

Thermal Roof Inspections

Thermal Roof Inspections - New England

Preventative maintenance can add decades to the useful life of commercial and residential buildings, not to mention the substantial cost savings associated with reducing energy loss and decreasing power usage.

Sturbridge Roof RGB (7 of 11).jpg

Why Choose Us

With thermal images, problems can be easily seen and even on an enormous scale when you get a new set of eyes, which positions everything directly into perspective. 

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